Wakuwal (Dream)

Wakuwal Final CoverBy Peter Botsman

The European invasion of the Great South Land is only a short while ago, measured against the beginning of time. The impact of the industrial revolution was tragic for the lives and families of many of the newcomers as well as for this continent’s original inhabitants and for the land itself.
Wakuwal is a story of how faith kept ancient knowledge alive, how optimism endures in the face of ignorance and destruction, and how today’s descendants of the both the newcomers and the first peoples are beginning a conversation, many generations overdue.Read more…


Author: Peter Botsman
Publication date: 2/11/2017
ISBN: 9780994515711
Format: Trade paperback, 152mm x 229mm
Pages: 262
Printed in Australia by Lightning Source

Epub and Mobi versions will also be published.


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