Welcome to Valentine Press


The purpose of Valentine Press is to share skills and provide a low-cost Australian publishing service where the author comes first.

Valentine Press is here to help authors, rather than publishers and distributors, benefit from their work and to enrich Australia’s cultural past, present and future.

Valentine Press will actually publish your book, unlike a number of organisations who may only assist you in self-publishing.

We will publish fiction, non fiction, poetry, plays, so long as we are satisfied with the technical quality.

At our discretion, Valentine Press can offer a full publishing partnership, where we handle publicity and marketing as well as production and distribution.

We are happy to work with authors who are more “hands on” at various stages of the publishing process and also with authors who would prefer to leave their work in more experienced hands.

The philosophy of Valentine Press is to talk with you, discuss your options, and see if we can work together.

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