Big Trouble Coming

Valentine Press is thrilled to announce the publication of Big Trouble Coming: An Accidental Adventure of Love and Mayhem in Sri Lanka, by Sydneysider and journalist Dasha Ross.

According to Wendy Harmer the book is:

A rollercoaster read of a grand adventure for all those who have
wondered “why not”? Told with verve, wit and lashings of true love. 

And we couldn’t agree more.


Eat, pray, and run for your life!

When serendipity brings Dasha and her husband John Pinder the chance to relaunch a rundown beach hotel in Sri Lanka, they are thrilled. Here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape to paradise, add spark to their 25-year marriage, and have one last grand adventure.

With a truckload of Aussie chutzpah and almost no experience, John and Dasha head off to Hikkaduwa. There they discover they are no match for a treacherous foe who will stop at nothing to ruin their dream, natural disasters that threaten their livelihood, and an unending series of catastrophic failures at the hotel they call Faulty Palms.

Big Trouble Coming is a comedy of life-threatening errors that celebrates the resilience of a couple way out of their comfort zone. Can John, a comedy entrepreneur, and Dasha, a TV broadcaster, survive this test of love, its limits, and beyond?

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