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Harry Johnston and Valentine Press value reader feedback. Please use the form below to tell us what you think about Best and Fairest.

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5 thoughts on “Best and Fairest Reader Comments

  1. A great read. As an old school chum of the author, I was constantly looking for clues to the real identity of the characters in the novella, unsuccessfully. Although, the big lock forward may have come close.
    A real trip through the memories of what was a delicious, more simple time.

  2. I loved Best and Fairest and think it’s an extraordinary piece of work and utter pleasure to read. It’s clearly very well researched and informed by the experience of a life richly lived. I’m a Sydneysider so I found it particularly interesting to immerse myself in the city’s history as seen through the eyes of well drawn characters. As I walk around the parts of town now that the characters inhabited, I feel they are still with me.

    Thank you for publishing this book. I hope to see more work by Henry in the future.

  3. I have just finished ‘Best & Fairest’ Great read. Brought back a lot of the good old days in Sydney and the inner burbs…well done

  4. Buy this book people. It’s not only unputdownable, vivid and historically faithful, but also rather moving – certainly for anyone who grew up in old, unpolished Sydney.

  5. I am only half way through this novella and know nothing much about football but the book has endless charm and veracity. Working class lives of the players, their parents, the coach and anecdotal dips into everything else about this period as it begins to pass from memory into history. I had forgotten about the six o’clock swill which turned into the ten o’clock swill. Progress. We’ve come a long way since then, baby.

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