The Bird of Time

Bird Front Cover Finalby Gavan Bromilow

If the movement of tectonic plates and centrifugal forces were to shift the Earth’s centre of gravity, it is impossible to predict how fast and how far it could shift, where continents and countries could end up. How would we survive such a sudden cataclysm, changing the world, as we know it, forever?
The Bird of Time deals seriously and intelligently with a major natural disaster in Asia, which sends millions fleeing south, east and west, while leaving many to try and survive in harrowing, impossible conditions, or perishing. Read more…

Author: Gavan Bromilow
Publication date: 21/11/14
ISBN: 978-0-9875063-6-8
Format: Trade paperback, 5.5″x8.5″, 13.97cm x 21.59cm
Pages: 232
Printed in Australia by Lightning Source
RRP: $24.00
Freight: $4.64

E-book versions now available for Kindle (mobi) and iPad (epub) – $9.99.
Your e-book will be emailed to you. For Kindle users who are unfamiliar with this method of receiving e-books, just connect your Kindle to a usb port on your computer, then move or copy the file to Documents in the Kindle directory. For iPad users, open iTunes on your pc and connect your iPad, then drag & drop to the iBooks folder on the left hand menu.)

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