Best and Fairest

By Henry JohnstonBest & Fairest 5 Front Cover
Sydney Australia, sometime in the 1960s. Watched by family and friends, thirteen determined young Rugby League players commence a seminal year which finishes in triumph for some, tragedy for others. Welcome to the dangerous alleys of Sydney’s inner west, in a time before credit cards, when working-class families bought household goods on hire purchase; when off-course gambling was a way of life and ‘cockatoos’ kept watch for local SP (Starting Price) bookies operating in every corner pub. Best and Fairest assembles a fractured mosaic of almost forgotten everyday lives, and creates a powerful impression of a culture and era now rapidly fading from memory.  Read more…

Author: Henry Johnston
Publication date: 20/11/15
ISBN: 978-0-9942244-5-3
Publisher: Valentine Press
Format: Trade paperback, 5″ x 8″, 127mm x 203mm
Pages: 160
Printed in Australia, UK and US by Lightning Source
RRP: A$16
Freight: A$4

E-book versions now available for Kindle (mobi) and iPad (epub) – A$7.50.
(Your e-book will be emailed to you. For Kindle users who are unfamiliar with this method of receiving e-books, just connect your Kindle to a usb port on your computer, then move or copy the file to Documents in the Kindle directory. For iPad users, open iTunes on your pc and connect your iPad, then drag & drop to the iBooks folder on the left hand menu.)

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