Fee-for-Service Components

In addition to components listed in our Fully Author-Funded section, Valentine Press can also provide manuscript indexing, illustrations and marketing on a fee-for-service basis.

Apart from the Principals, Lyn and April, we have a team of Valentine Press Associates to whom we contract out various components. These Associates will also undertake direct contract work from authors.

Ruth Forsythe – Literary Agent & Publicist
RuthForsytheRuth is closely linked to Valentine Press and will often be the person who can recommend new local authors to us. As well as literary agent work, Ruth provides professional hands-on publicity and marketing. She will help design advertising and media releases – and she will even take your book on the road and sell it for you, on a commission basis.
Contact Ruth at ruth.forsythe@email.com


Susan Haworth – Book Editing and Illustrations
SusanHowarthSusan Haworth is a professional editor and a meticulous proof-reader. She is also an experienced book illustrator and can produce illustrations for your book.

Contact Susan at wallabygirl@bigpond.com



Andrew West – Book Editing
AndrewWestAndrew West has many years experience in copy writing and editing. Andrew will edit your book to the extent you specify. For instance, you may want only a basic edit, i.e., spelling and grammar, or maybe a more elaborate edit that could involve suggestions for reworking elements of the book’s structure.
Contact Andrew at wests4@westnet.com.au

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